Marta Soriano, born in Barcelona, ​​educator, multidisciplinary artist and passionate about recycling, is capable of working the miracle of turning works of art into objects that society rejects. His creative ability, his enthusiasm and his artistic and educational interests are without limits: studies in Barcelona and Berlin, art workshops and exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Monaco, Sweden, Morocco, Senegal, Colombia, Chile ... Under his motto : "Waste as an artistic and educational resource," has published several books, has had his own television program and gives numerous lectures. Participates in art and environmental fairs, in artistic recycling marathons, decorates companies and designs stands, always reusing waste and giving them new life. In the year 2000, motivated by the desire to raise awareness of society on artistic and environmental issues, it founded the ECOART-DIDACTIC Association, in favor of the diffusion of new applications of solid non-organic wastes, in order to be considered materials valid for crafts, decoration and artistic creation. In her latest book "Building with Waste and Alternative Materials," Marta Soriano not only poses and teaches how to make art and architecture with waste, she also sees them as a magnificent vehicle for environmental education and the revitalization of the planet. It is an alchemy, a transformation of the poison into elixir. This is the aim of his work: to contribute to the fact that children, and not so children, see waste as a resource, a useful matter to reuse and create value. Currently lives with his family in the middle of nature, next to the Costa Brava.


    Marta Soriano


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